confectioner's glaze

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5 Things You Need to Know About Confectioner's Glaze from

Confectioner's glaze, also known as "confectioner's polish" and "shellac," is used by many candy manufacturers to improve the appearance of their finished products by giving them a "shiny sheen" that will not easily wear off. A coating of confectioner's glaze can also help protect candies from scrat

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Chocolatiers Look at Ways to Take Bug-Based Varnish off Candy from Scientific American

Will India's sweet tooth be enough to get dead insects out of our chocolate?

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Have You Consumed Beetle Juice? from Taste For Life

If you’re afraid of bugs but love candy corn, one common candy ingredient — confectioners' glaze — might give you a spook this Halloween.

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If You Eat These Popular Candies, You're Also Eating Insect Secretions from

About 100,000 bugs are killed to produce a little over 1 pound of shellac flakes, a main ingredient in confectioner's glaze.

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You Eat Bugs (And It Doesn't Bother You At All) from Forbes

Media reports routinely try to gross us out with stories about eating bugs. In fact, without realizing it, most people (including you) eat products made from bugs all the time.

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Hidden Ingredients are Lurking in Your Candy. Here's What They Are and What to Choose Instead. | Greenopedia from Greenopedia

Candymakers often hide undesirable ingredients behind nice sounding names. It might help sales, but it can be upsetting - even dangerous - for consumers.

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What is confectioner’s glaze, and is it kosher? – Halacha Yomis | OU Kosher Certification from OU Kosher Certification

Confectioner’s glaze, also known as shellac, is a resin secreted by the female lac insect after it consumes tree sap. Shellac is commonly used as a wood varnish and as a coating on candies. Igros Moshe (Yoreh De’ah II:24) offered several reasons for...

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Confectioners Glaze, There's Something Buggy About from VegBlogger - a vegan / vegetarian blog

Post written by VegBlogger. Follow me on Twitter. The first time my daughter told someone she didn't want a cookie with sprinkles on it because...

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Are Sprinkles Vegan? A Vegan Sprinkle Guide from Everything Vegan

Are Sprinkles Vegan? Ever wondered if those little waxy sprinkles contain any animal products? In this vegan sprinkle guide we break down ingredients

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Pharmaceutical Glaze (Inactive Ingredient) - from

Learn about Pharmaceutical Glaze and find medications that contain this inactive ingredient.

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CK Products Confectioners Glaze 8 oz. from

This concentrated, food-grade lacquer is brushed on sugar projects to preserve them and give a shiny appearance.8 ounce/250 millilitre bottleSize: 8 ozProduct of United StatesIngredients: Food-grade refined, bleached lacquerNOTE: Clean brushes with confectioner's glaze thinner (sold separately).

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Lemon Ricotta Cookies with Confectioners Glaze from Garlic & Zest

If you love Italian ricotta cookies with sugar glaze, these Almond Lemon Ricotta Cookies w/ perfect confectioners glaze are a hit! Perfect for the holidays.

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CK Products Confectioners Glaze Thinner 8 oz. from

Use this confectioner's glaze thinner to make your confectioners glaze more thinner to work with. Use this product to clean up your chocolate brushes after a long day of painting chocolate molds. Mix this thinner and glaze for desired consistency, then brush on chocolates, marzipan or gum paste f...

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Shellac & Food Glaze - Gentle World from Gentle World

Many people may not be aware that the glaze that covers some of their favorite products – including vitamins, pharmaceuticals, candy and even some fruit – may actually be made from shellac; a resin from the secretions of the female lac insect. When used in food and confections, shellac has…

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Where to find vegan confectioner's glaze in small quantities? from eGullet Forums

Does anyone know of a source for a vegan confectioners glaze suitable for sugar/chocolate panning (for sealing the candies from the Evils of the Outside World)? I have a couple of friends who are vegan or vegetarian, and Id like to avoid being a total jerk if I can help it (Look at these tasty tr...

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